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AFEX home delivery

Your currency delivered to you.

At AFEX, we make foreign currency exchange a breeze. We want to ensure that you receive your foreign currency quickly and securely. Whether you are buying euros, pesos or pounds, you can trust us that we will deliver it right to your front door.


Kate White

I was really impressed by just how easy it was to order foreign currency with AFEX. I needed pesos quick and AFEX got them to me the next day. It was such a load off my mind.

AFEX store locations

Pick-up from one of our stores

At AFEX, you can buy foreign currency in one of our branches, or order online and collect your currency in-store – whichever is easier.


Your currency exchange
questions answered

Which payment methods do you accept?

You can buy foreign currency with AFEX using either a debit or credit card online or in one of our branches.

Where do you deliver?

AFEX is proud to deliver foreign currency to anywhere in the United States. We don’t currently deliver outside of the United States.

Which currencies can I order?

AFEX customers can buy foreign currency for countries across the world. Over 120 currencies are available. This includes Canadian dollars, Mexican pesos, Japanese yen, Australian dollars, euros and British pounds. The only foreign currencies we can’t offer are those from internationally sanctioned countries.

We strive to give customers the currency they need in the denominations that are available. For major currencies, we stock mostly smaller bills; the range may be more limited for exotic currencies.